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Starscream, Boba Fett and Jabba the Hut…er…Jasmine the Cat…FlarToolkit AND 3D Animated Models with Keyboard Control

Here’s a link to the live demo to try yourself: Boba Demo Direct your iphone here (don’t waste paper, if you can help it!!): Boba – http://www.suniljohn.com/labs/boba/markers/boba.jpg Starscream – http://www.suniljohn.com/labs/boba/markers/starscream.jpg Print the markers here: Boba – http://www.suniljohn.com/labs/boba/markers/boba.pdf Starscream – http://www.suniljohn.com/labs/boba/markers/starscream.pdf There are keyboard controls for…

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Revisiting Multiple Pattern Recognition Using the FLARMultiMarkerDetector and an iPhone

I was able to revisit the spaghetti code on my FLARMultiMarkerDetector prototype and improve performance 100 fold. Thanks to the guys at Squidder.com for sharing their source for the virtual drum kit. Here’s a post explaining their demo. Here’s a link to their source. The…

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My Cat and Multiple Pattern Recognition Using FLARMultiMarkerDetector – FlarToolKit/Flash Augmented Reality

I’ve been experimenting with how Flash and FlarToolKit handles multiple patterns using FLARMultiMarkerDetector .  I’ve found that a lot of light is needed for the detector to work reliably with mutiple markers. Here are a couple screens of my progress so far using animated MD2…

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