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Finishing My BlackBerry PlayBook App With A Little Help From You – A Request for Robo Designs

People of Earth, Somewhere between client visits, site launches, a massive internal project and a bad “man” cold, I’ve been able to cobble together something resembling a tablet friendly version of a Robo drawing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Here are some teaser screen shots…

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Adding a Beard to Your Conan O’Brien Paper-Robo

It’s been well over a year since my last blog post. What’s changed since then? I’m living in a new city and working at a new interactive shop with a talented crew. What hasn’t changed? I’m still getting to develop cool interactive work and still…

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Goodbye Jamario Moon and Hello FlarToolkit/Flash Augmented Reality Papervision3D

With Jamario Moon being dealt away to Miami just last week, it seems fitting that I revisit an old project Paper-Robo and resurrect Paper Jamario Moon. I finally got a chance to sit down and play with FlarToolkit. For those unfamiliar, FlarToolkit is a open…

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