Adding a Beard to Your Conan O’Brien Paper-Robo

It’s been well over a year since my last blog post. What’s changed since then? I’m living in a new city and working at a new interactive shop with a talented crew. What hasn’t changed? I’m still getting to develop cool interactive work and still enjoy bringing my work home with me.

Here’s an interim demo of Paper-Robo V2, recoded ground up. It’s come a long way from the single document class I wrote in school, but will be always be a work in progress and learning tool.

It came to my attention, after watching the Conan premiere, my IMWITHCOCOROBO is no longer screen accurate. Here’s a quick demo on how to add a beard to your favourite Paper-Robo:

There’s more than just a paint brush tool at your disposal, so feel free to be creative:

You can save your finished Paper-Robo to your desktop or to the server for others to see.

If you save to desktop you can print the template and assemble your robo.

Here’s an assembled Coco V1:

[slickr-flickr tag=”IMWITHCOCOROBO”]

Here’s the template if you want to try building the IMWITHCOCOROBO yourself:

I would love to see pictures of an assembled IMWITHCOCOROBOs out on in the wild. Please post links here.