Buzzwords and Social Media Sluts

Social Media is media that encourages conversation, community, and collaborative content creation. This fits IMM’s mandate, which is to create interactive content beyond navigation.

Wayne MacPhail, is a social media consultant who gave a talk on Mashing Up Social Media and the DIY Community.

Web 2.0
He presented Web 2.0 as a marketing term, which encompasses: community collaboration, shared content, single tasks, clean clear interface, tagging and social bookmarking.

Web 2.0 has also been referred to as the second bubble (the first being the Dot-Com bubble era of 1995-2001), where too many companies attempt to develop the same product without a business model.
I found this funny parody while researching Web 2.0: Here comes another bubble.

What is the target audience is of Twitter? I consider myself a tech geek, and I seem to have missed the Twitter bandwagon. I correlate Tweets to things like MSN personal messages or Facebook status updates, neither of which I have time to update.

You don’t use a social network, you become part of it:
A company can’t use a site like to promote their products. In order to get your content Dugg you must have a lot of Digg power, which comes from a high percentage of popular submissions. If a user tries to submit their own content, it’s usually buried by the community and labeled as blog spam.

Wayne presented us with a barrage of new Social Media services.

A global visualization of tweets using Google Maps.

Aggregates flakes of your existence from a variety of personal RSS feeds. It is a social life RSS feed that projects your footprint on the web.

Start your own live broadcast using content from around the web or your own webcam, and assemble a dream team of producers.

Sprout is the quick and easy way to build sophisticated multimedia content, including mini-sites, widgets, mashups…

Share and discuss your news instantly.

Stream live video fast to the world. Right from your phone.