Finishing My BlackBerry PlayBook App With A Little Help From You – A Request for Robo Designs

People of Earth,

Somewhere between client visits, site launches, a massive internal project and a bad “man” cold, I’ve been able to cobble together something resembling a tablet friendly version of a Robo drawing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Here are some teaser screen shots of the app in progress:

Teaser #1:

Teaser #2:

Teaser #3:

My PlayBook app is an application that allows users to design and build their own paper action figures. In an effort to make my app less dependent on Internet access, I’ve decided to ship my app with some default Robo design templates to view and edit locally.

An example of what you can make with the Robo app:

Step 1. Take a blank template.

Step 2. Use the web app to design….

Step 3. …Screen Accurate Coco:

Step 4. Build Screen Accurate Coco:

[slickr-flickr tag=”IMWITHCOCOROBO”]

ANYONE who is interested can submit designs that will ship with my PlayBook app. The top 3 designs that are deemed most creative by a panel of my peers, will be physically assembled by me and shipped to the winning artists for free. I will also include accreditation for the winning artists in my app.

There are two options for submitting a design:

1. The web app tool for creating and submitting designs. It is clearly VERY rough and a work in progress, but should serve its purpose:

2. If you want to cheat and use Photoshop by all means go ahead. Either email me the altered template or upload to the site via the upload skin tool. Download the blank Robo template here.

If you email me the design, please include:
1. Builder Name
2. Robo Name
3. Special Move

My email:
info AT

There are no rules. Designs can be what ever you come up with, and you’re only limited by your imagination. The deadline for submitting designs will be April 19, 2011, when the PlayBook is available for retail sale.

Thanks and Have Fun,

– Sunil