FITC Toronto 2009 Top Ten Round Up

I just got back from volunteering at FITC Toronto 2009. I HIGHLY recommend volunteering. It’s a great way to attend the sessions for free and meet amazing new/old talent in the interactive field. I’ve come away from the conference with a lot of new ideas that I can’t wait to try.

Here’s my list of things that were cool to me in no particular order:

1) Papervision X – Ralph Hauwert
– 3d renderer optimized for Flash Player 10
– Ralph used Alchemy and Pixel bender to run Quake in Flash at 60 FPS!!

2) Colin Mook – Your Phone is Your Controller

3) Sourcebinder
– drag and drop node based programming
– break out game built on the fly with audience interaction using a webcam

4) Gary Stasiuk – Visual PV3d
– Flash Visualization Application that provides a GUI interface to create and manipulate objects in 3D scenes using Papervision3D

Vizual PV3D from Juxt Interactive on Vimeo.

5) Vector Vision
– allows you to use vectors in Papervision

6) Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman
– Augmented Reality Magic 1.0

7) Jared Ficklin
– music visualization through physical objects
– nirvana songs visualized on paper show similarities between songs; verse – chorus – verse
– showed 4 patterns and asked which one was likely a nirvana song, the one most similar was actually a foo fighters song!

8) Mario Klingemann
– bitmap manipulation turning ordinary bitmaps into Van Gogh like paintings.
– using Keith Peters minimal components

9) Pixel Bender Game

10) The Spark Project – Japanese Flash Community
Photorealistic AR

Me too (doing some AR stuff)! from Anatoly Zenkov on Vimeo.

– Processing like AS3 drawing library

– new tween engine that performs better than the major players tweener, tween max…

– support for mac scroll wheel no javascript required